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Transcription & Braille Services

Here at Blindpax we are specialist in providing transcription and embossing services for a wide range of materials. This includes curriculum books, service charters, constitutions, reports, policies, safety manuals, and more. We offer transcription in various formats, catering to different accessibility needs such as braille, large print, talking/audio books, EPUB, DAISY Text & Audio, and BRF.


We are skilled in de-brailing materials, transforming them into other accessible formats like talking/audio books, EPUB, DAISY Text & Audio, and BRF.

Printing & Embossing

At Blindpax we are leading in the region for professional printing and embossing services specifically designed for braille and large print materials. Whether it’s business cards, hotel/restaurant menus, information leaflets, flyers, brochures, or any other items, we can provide high-quality printing and embossing for individuals and organizations.

Personnel Training

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive training for teachers and support staff who work with visually impaired learners in West and Central Africa. Our training programs cover the proper use, repair, and maintenance of assistive devices specifically designed for visually impaired individuals.

Repair & Maintenance

Our company also offers repair and maintenance for a variety of assistive devices used by individuals with visual impairments. This includes repairing and maintaining devices such as Perkins Braillers, Embossers (Braillo ,View plus & Index), Thermoform, Orbit Readers, and other similar devices.